Encap Pro Iron
Easy to Use:
Safe to use on all types of plants. Will not burn turf, ornamentals or gardens
Saves Time:
AST® holds iron in the soil longer resulting in fewer applications
Saves Money:
Up to 5 times the coverage of other iron products
Non-Staining: Will not stain concrete walks or driveways, even when wet
Fast Green Up: Highly concentrated iron goes to work quickly to green turf without excessive growth
ENCAP’s Pro Series Iron with AST® provides quick turf green up without excess growth in a nonstaining, non-burning pellet.ENCAP’s Pro Series Iron with AST® is a premium combination of iron, sulfur and gypsum designed to quickly green up turf and condition your soil without excessive plant growth. The iron used in ENCAP’s Pro Series product is highly concentrated and effective in helping to develop strong root systems and disease resistant plants.

ENCAP’s AST® technology is a proprietary blend of polymers designed to condition the soil and keep nutrients right where you put them, even after it rains. The proprietary polymers create micro channels in the soil that help water and nutrients get to the root zone quickly making them readily available for plant uptake.

All of this in a product that is easy to use and dust free. ENCAP Pro Series Iron with AST® is the clear choice of landscape professionals.

Iron Application Index

Application Rate Frequency
Seed Establishment
Existing Turf
2 lbs per 1,000 ft2
2 lbs per 1,000 ft2
At installation
Up to 2 times / season
2.5 lbs spread evenly under a 25ft diameter canopy
½ cup around base of plant
Spring and fall
Spring and fall
Flower Gardens
Vegetable Gardens
5 lbs per 1,000 ft2
5 lbs per 1,000 ft2
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