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easy to use Lawn Starter Pro Easy to Use: Easy to store and handle. Best applied with a drop spreader
saves you time Lawn Starter Pro Saves Time: Simply apply with a spreader and you are finished. No mess to clean up, or stakes to install
saves you money Lawn Starter Pro Saves Money: Has double the coverage of other granular mulches
Holds Seed: Keeps soil, seed and fertilizer right where you left it, even if it rains
Water Guide: Visible watering guide eliminates the guesswork by telling you when to water
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ENCAP’s Lawn Starter™ Pro is a granular mulch that can be applied is best applied with a drop spreader. The granules are made from recycled paper and contain ENCAP’s proprietary blend of soil stabilizing polymers. The polymers are designed to improve soil conditions and keep seed, soil and fertilizer right where you put them, even after it rains. The polymers also help to condition the soil by creating micro channels that help to get water and nutrients into the root zone. This improves germination and overall seed establishment. All of this in a product that is clean and easy to use. ENCAP’s Lawn Starter™ Pro is fast and easy to apply with no cleanup saving you time, money and labor. Lawn Starter™ Pro is the earth -friendly choice of landscape professionals.

Application Rates

Slope Lbs/1000 ft2
No Slope up to 4:1 25 – 50
> 4:1 Slope Use Slope Keeper
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2 pallets of Lawn Starter Pro, Slope Keeper, or combination of both products.

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