ENCAP Sulfur


Easy to Use:
Easy to store and handle. Pellets can be applied with a conventional fertilizer spreader
Saves Time:
ENCAP’s AST® polymer coating helps nutrients get into the root zone quickly
Saves Money:
More than 1.5 times the coverage of other leading brands
Dust Free: Polymer coated granules virtually eliminate dust during application
Fast Acting: Highly concentrated formula quickly lowers pH making soil nutrients readily available
ENCAP’s Pro Series Sulfur with AST® is used to correct soil pH. This helps to make iron and other nutrients available for plant take up. ENCAP’s Pro Series Sulfur with AST® is premium sulfur designed to quickly and effectively lower soil pH and condition compacted soils. Specifically designed for acid loving plants, ENCAP’s Pro Series Sulfur with AST® acts quickly to adjust pH and free up bound nutrients for healthy evergreens and lawns, beautiful hydrangeas and robust crops.ENCAP’s AST® technology is a proprietary blend of polymers designed to condition the soil and keep nutrients right where you put them, even after it rains. The proprietary polymers create micro channels in the soil that help water and nutrients get to the root zone quickly making them readily available for plant uptake.

All of this in a product that is easy to use and dust free. ENCAP Pro Series Sulfur with AST® is the choice of landscape professionals.

Sulfur Application Index

Application Rate Frequency
Seed Establishment – Existing Turf 2 lbs per 1,000 ft2 At installation – Up to 2 times / season
Trees – Evergreens 2.5 lbs spread evenly under a 25ft diameter canopy ½ cup surrounding base Feed in spring and fall
Vegetable and Flower Gardens 1 lb per 100 ft2 Feed in spring
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