PAM-12 Golf Course Construction

Successful Seeding on Steep Slopes Using PAM-12 Plus

A Country Club in Cincinnati, Ohio, utilized ENCAP’s PAM-12 Plus product to stabilize three acres of fairway and three acres of rough, with slopes ranging from 3:1 to 4:1. This project was part of a larger renovation and reconstruction project scheduled to take place over the next ten years, with the first two holes completed during the initial phase in 2008.

These first two holes were extremely challenging because of the presence of highly erodible substrate (heavy clay and rock), long slopes, and adjacent side slopes with the potential to produce sheer runoff draining directly onto the fairway and rough being rebuilt. The fact that PAM-12 Plus stabilizes the ground and aids in germination by interacting with the soil and not covering the seed was a key reason for the country club’s interest in PAM-12 Plus. The superintendent at the country club cited several disadvantages to utilizing blankets, including: grass pulled off during the removal of the blankets, damage to the seeded area and equipment when mowers pull off the blanket, and costly installation and removal.

The site was seeded on April 18, 2008, by two people using a Massey Ferguson tractor (35 HP) and a Lely broadcast spreader, which had a spread width of 35 to 40 feet. The selected application rate for the PAM-12 Plus ranged from 1500 to 2200 pounds/acre, depending on the slope. The approximate date of germination was during the week of May 5 and the holes opened for play on June 1. It should be noted that there were several 1-2 inch rain events during the time of the project and the area was also watered periodically using a Toro 800 Series sprinkler system.

It should be noted that there were some initial concerns from the client because of the high application rates for the PAM-12 Plus, which was thought to seal the surface and prevent germination. However, upon visiting the site on June 19, the client was extremely pleased with the results and categorically stated that, in his opinion, PAM-12 Plus enhanced germination and preserved the ridges made by the Brillion Seeder, thereby contributing to the management of moisture on the seeded areas.

Despite the length and steepness of the slopes, and several significant rain events that occurred during the germination period, the site had no rilling or erosion, illustrating the excellent erosion control capabilities of PAM-12 Plus. When asked whether he would continue to recommend the use of PAM-12 Plus, the superintendent stated without hesitation that he would use the product again for bare soil seeding application. He also indicated that he was truly impressed by the results.

FACILITY: Country Club

Cincinnati, Ohio

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project was the first phase of a renovation and reconstruction project scheduled to occur over the next ten years.
SITE PROFILE: 6 acres (3 acres of fairways and 3 acres of rough)

Heavy clay soils and rock with slopes of 4:1 to 3:1

Significant topsoil loss from a rain event prior to the application of PAM-12 Plus

EQUIPMENT UTILIZED: Massey Ferguson 35 HP tractor

Lely Broadcast Spreader

— Capacity: 11 bags (550 pounds)

— Spread Width 35-40 feet

APPLICATION RATE: 1500-2200 lb/acre, depending on the slope
PROJECT RESULTS: Two months after application the client was extremely pleased, stating that there was no surface sealing and he believed the product enhanced germination.

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