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Lawn Starter Pro vs. Seed Aide

This video shows a contractor using Lawn StarterTM Pro for the first time, and comparing it to Seed Aide®. Seed Aide® is a registered Trademark of Profile Products®.

PAM 12 Plus vs. Straw Roadside

Successful Seeding on Steep Slopes using PAM-12 Plus This trial was completed to compare PAM-12 Plus with straw mulch cover, which is normally used to cover exposed soil sites. Specifications state that exposed soil areas at final grade are to be seeded, fertilized, limed and straw mulched. This trial was completed on two different areas, […]

PAM-12 Golf Course Construction

Successful Seeding on Steep Slopes Using PAM-12 Plus A Country Club in Cincinnati, Ohio, utilized ENCAP’s PAM-12 Plus product to stabilize three acres of fairway and three acres of rough, with slopes ranging from 3:1 to 4:1. This project was part of a larger renovation and reconstruction project scheduled to take place over the next […]

Fire Reclamation

PAM-12 as an Effective Post-Fire Treatment Controlling erosion, reestablishing vegetation, an overcoming the negative effects of hydrophobic soils has long been a challenge following wildfire on forest lands.  High severity wildfire destroys the natural protection of soil and leaves the soil watershed vulnerable to large-scale erosion, flooding, debris flows and mudflows from subsequent storms.  Therefore, […]

PAM-12 Plus Skid Road Reclamation

The West Virginia forestry community has long known that controlling non-point source pollution from silvicultural activities is important.  Timber harvesting contractors have the responsibility to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) in order to minimize the impacts of roads on water resources.  The most common BMPs used to limit sedimentation is the use of seed and […]


What are Polymers? Polymers are generally defined as large molecules composed of repeating structural units typically connected by covalent chemical bonds.  While polymer in popular usage suggests plastic, the term actually refers to a large class of natural and synthetic materials with a variety of properties.  Polymers are used in numerous applications and many specialized […]

NSF/ANSI STANDARD 60 Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects

  Original Document Located: http://www.nsf.org/Certified/PwsChemicals/Listings.asp?CompanyName=Soil+Net+LLC&Trad eName=TRIPAM& Soil Net LLC 560 Enterprise Avenue Belleville, WI 53508 United States 608-221-8129 Facility : # 1 USA Polyacrylamide[PC]       Trade Designation   Product Function Max Use EM-800   Coagulation & Flocculation 3mg/L Liquid Tripam   Coagulation & Flocculation 3mg/L S-1000   Coagulation & Flocculation 1mg/L S-200   […]

Encap Fast Acting Lime Review

Lime is an important soil conditioner for your lawn. Some people treat lime like a silver bullet or a fertilizer and apply it every year. It’s not either of those and usually doesn’t need to be applied every year. If you’re soil has a low pH (acidic) lime can seem like a miracle cure though. […]