Russo Power Equipment has been in business since 1970, serving the Chicagoland area. A family owned and operated business, Russo Power is dedicated to providing their customers with exceptional service and quality products. With locations in Schiller Park, Naperville, Hainesville, and Chicago, Russo carries the most common turf products on the market today.

Russo carries the ENCAP® Iron and Lawn Starter ProTM products. ENCAP® has been in a successful partnership with Russo for many years. Head to any of the four Russo locations in the Chicagoland area for your Iron and Lawn Starter ProTM needs. Check out Russo’s website to shop online!

Russo: Naperville
1636 North Aurora Rd
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone: 630.219.2440
Fax: 630.219.2095
Russo Ace Hardware: Chicago
5848 W. Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60634
Phone: 773.777.2606
Fax: 773.777.8006
Russo: Hainesville
39 E. Belvidere Rd
Hainesville, IL 60030
Phone: 847.752.0420
Fax: 847.548.0765
Russo: Schiller Park
9525 W. Irving Park Rd
Schiller Park, IL 60176
Phone: 847.678.9525
Fax: 847.678.0705



ENCAP’s Pro Series Iron with AST® provides quick turf green up without excess growth in a nonstaining, non-burning pellet.

ENCAP’s Pro Series Iron with AST® is a premium combination of iron, sulfur and gypsum designed to quickly green up turf and condition your soil without excessive plant growth. The iron used in ENCAP’s Pro Series product is highly concentrated and effective in helping to develop strong root systems and disease resistant plants. ENCAP’s AST® technology is a proprietary blend of polymers designed to condition the soil and keep nutrients right where you put them, even after it rains. The proprietary polymers create micro channels in the soil that help water and nutrients get to the root zone quickly making them readily available for plant uptake. All of this in a product that is easy to use and dust free. ENCAP Pro Series Iron with AST® is the clear choice of landscape professionals. Learn more

ENCAP’s Lawn StarterTM Pro is a granular mulch that can be applied with most broadcast spreaders. The granules are made from recycled paper and contain ENCAP’s proprietary blend of soil stabilizing polymers. The polymers are designed to improve soil conditions and keep seed, soil and fertilizer right where you put them, even after it rains. The polymers also help to condition the soil by creating micro channels that help to get water and nutrients into the root zone. This improves germination and overall seed establishment. All of this in a product that is clean and easy to use. ENCAP’s Lawn Starter™ Pro is fast and easy to apply with no cleanup saving you time, money and labor. Lawn Starter™ Pro is the earth -friendly choice of landscape professionals. Learn more